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SMS Advertising

Smartphones may be small, but they represent a king-sized marketing opportunity. Zeppo Marketing offers mobile advertising options via the mobile web, text messages, and mobile apps. Get the reach of mobile web advertising, the engagement of SMS advertising, and the immersion of mobile app integration all in one place, with the right mix to achieve your campaign goals.

We can help you map a strategy that uses a range of marketing methods for maximum impact, effectively saturating your target market. Mobile marketing is increasingly critical to brand image and success. The numbers are staggering: It’s predicted that one in two Americans will have a smartphone next year, and 286 million people are texting right now.


  • Build a loyalty program or text messaging club

  • Drive users to a store or location

  • Extend a brand message

  • Engage with your consumer by offering them valuable and useful content

  • Allow consumers to opt in to an ongoing relationship with your brand

  • Start the relationship with your consumers today by creating a buzz and continuing an ongoing conversation

  • Drive trial and sales through mobile coupons delivered with expiration dates and unique identifying numerical codes

  • Use mobile campaigns to drive phone calls; if you’ve got an 800 number, what better place to advertise it than a mobile phone?

  • Perfect complement to an email campaign

  • Targeting available: GEO Targeting, Date/Time Delivery, Content Channel Targeting

Content Channel Targeting: Sports, News, Entertainment, Green Living, Weather, Celebrity Gossip.