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Quality Control

No one in the business is more thorough than Zeppo Marketing when it comes to quality control. We take every possible step to make sure our clients’ messages hit the right targets—and then to make sure they have the best shot at getting clicked.

Email Marketing

In addition to the rigorous process we use to select email marketing lists for recommendation, we work closely with every client to craft creative messages that will land in inboxes and catch the attention of prospective customers.

  • Subject: We analyze subject lines to maximize their effectiveness and avoid common pitfalls, such as language that’s deceptive, too general, or will trigger spam flags

  • Creative: We help review creative content to ensure a healthy mix of HTML and system text, applying our extensive research on what type of formatting gets the best click-through rates

  • Testing: We conduct pre-flight creative content testing specially designed to detect any possible deliverability issues, including URL blacklisting, major ISP spam filtering, and third-party spam filtering.

  • Fine-Tuning: We’ll recommend appropriate changes to a creative offer before launching to achieve the highest possible inbox and click rates


For every co-registration campaign we launch, the Zeppo Marketing team applies several layers of analysis to ensure that the leads our clients receive are the highest quality for their marketing budget.

  • Diversify: We’ll help you diversify your message across multiple, proven networks to maximize visibility and minimize risk. Once we determine which networks are most successful for you, we can increase volume accordingly.

  • Organic Traffic: There are lots of co-registration networks; in our experience, though, only a handful generate leads organically. We never place our clients’ offers on networks that are heavily incented or sweepstakes-centric.

  • Cost-Effective: Experience has taught us that it saves our clients money to buy leads on a run-of-network model rather than cherry-picking publishers. As long as the consumers are organically generated hand-raisers, and networks are selected for their proven quality, we have found this approach to be far more budget friendly.

  • Validation:  We never run a co-registration offer without an autoresponder, or email validation, in place. This not only ensures the email address is valid, it also serves as an additional permission pass for the new lead. If the consumer receives the autoresponder and then opts out, the lead will not advance to the client.

  • Monitoring:  We closely monitor campaign rejection rates (dupes and undeliverables) from each network. While having an autoresponder in place minimizes undeliverables, we still find a small percentage that are undeliverable when they start receiving emails from the client. If we see an unusual number of rejects, we pause the network in question immediately.

  • Fine Print:  With all co-reg advertisers, we recommend placing a weekly volume cap within each network so that you don’t max out the effort before you can evaluate lead quality. Plus, each network has an out clause, so if you’re unhappy with the lead quality, we can cancel a network and save your budget.

  • Lead Evaluation: Every lead is manually verified (lead answered the phone and confirmed interest); put through third-party real-time data verification to confirm that the name, address and phone numbers are all good to contact; put through a USPS/area code validation program to confirm that the address exists and phone number is potentially valid in given geography.

Email Append

There are a lot of ways to get email addresses, but not many ways to get good ones. Few are as sure as our email append process to drive results.

  • Quality Partners: We work with only legitimate append providers, who are evaluated on the quality of their address match rates and data.

  • Proven Results: Our ESP partners have the highest deliverability in the industry and excellent ISP relations.

  • Beyond SPAM Compliance: We not only suppress CAN-SPAM/suppression databases; we also suppress lists of known complainers to reduce complaint rates at the ISP level. This results in better inboxing and keeps the ISPs happy, while re-initiating a dialogue with your customers.

Mobile Marketing

The options for mobile marketing are evolving as fast as smartphone apps. Zeppo Marketing does the market research to help you keep up, while still staying true to your brand and your goals.