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E-mail Append

Yes, you have customers, but you may not be reaching many of them through one of the surest communication channels out there: their email inbox. Email append is the process of adding a consumer’s email address—in this case, a customer you have an established business relationship with, either online or offline—to their database record. The email address is determined by matching those records from the marketer’s database against our email append partners’ databases to produce a corresponding email address. Zeppo Marketing’s email append process is different from that of other providers because we run your database through multiple channels, ensuring the highest match rate possible. Email append is one of the most cost-effective ways to build your customer email database quickly and efficiently.


  • Zeppo Marketing’s email append process yields a cascade effect: emails that don’t match the first database are poured through the next and the next, ensuring the highest possible match rate

  • We partner with the highest quality append vendors to ensure the best data

  • Email append is a fast, cost-effective way to build your database and connect with customers in a new way

  • Works for business-to-consumer and business-to-business communication

  • Promotes “green” efforts by reducing direct mail paper and cost; lets customers go paperless

  • No charge for bad records

The email append process is supported by the DMA and we make sure our efforts comply with all legal regulations. When a match is confirmed, the email address is appended to the marketer’s file and an email is sent to obtain the customer’s permission. There is no charge for records that were undeliverable, nor for records where the recipient exercised the opt-out mechanism.

Reverse Data Append

You may have an email database of your website visitors or subscribers, but don’t have their names and postal mailing addresses. Would you like to be able to build a profile of your responders to help improve your prospecting and acquisition efforts? How much money are you losing because of broken emails? Have many of the email addresses in your email subscriber database are undeliverable?

Just as people change their residence, they also change their email address. Over time, this can have a dramatic impact on the revenue potential in your online database. Zeppo Marketing is able to take your outdated email addresses (or “bounces”) and provide you with a new email address for each individual. We can help put you back in touch with your previous email subscribers and help reduce lost revenue due to changing email addresses.

Reverse Email Append

Reverse email append service will provide the full name and postal address for a client’s online customers. We take unique emails addresses and match them to their physical owners through our in-house database of opt-in consumers. This allows clients the opportunity to market to their online customers using traditional “postal” channels such as postcards, catalogs, and direct mail brochures.

Reverse email address append is the exact opposite of our email append process, but with much faster turn around time; it can be completed within hours.