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Direct Mail

Who says print is dead? That’s right, direct mail is still around and it still works for the right initiative. Whether at the individual or neighborhood/zip code level, direct mail marketing allows you to target groups of recipients so that their demographic profile is one most closely matching that of your likely customers. Zeppo Marketing can help you understand whether direct mail should be part of your broader marketing strategy—and how to use it for maximum effect.

Direct mail promotional pieces can be delivered to both homes and businesses, and may be addressed to pre-selected individuals, or unaddressed and delivered on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Individually targeted direct mail recipients can be identified based on a range of gathered data, including age, income, interests, and geography—even spending habits. And messages may be even more specially tailored: for example, all male recipients may receive a personalized package with a man’s picture on the cover, while all female recipients receive a picture of a woman. Whatever the method, the results of a direct marketing campaign should be measurable.

There are a few types of direct mail:

  • Promotional materials sent to current (or previous) customers to enhance the relationship, encourage loyalty, and attract repeat business
  • Incentive offers or promotions sent to broader lists, intended to draw new customers or convince current customers to buy or act right away
  • Can be business-to-consumer or business-to-business

Zeppo Marketing has access to thousands of direct mail lists. Our experience and longstanding relationships with vendors allow us to negotiate the highest-quality data at the most competitive rates available. As with our email brokerage, we have no incentive to push one list over another, so you’ll get truly objective guidance every time.

Once we get to know you, your business, and your goals, we’ll use our expertise to analyze the most relevant lists for you and make recommendations that target only your desired demographic. And every piece you send, regardless of whether it converts a customer, builds your brand just by making an impression.

When we analyze lists for recommendation, we weigh every factor, including cost. Some lists are cost-prohibitive even if the brand or publisher seems like the ideal fit for you. If the value per conversion is not calculated correctly in accordance with estimated performance metrics, you could waste precious marketing dollars and time.

The Zeppo Marketing team will cut to the chase. If we feel your offering or product is poorly suited for direct mail marketing, we will let you know up front. That’s how we maintain our solid standing in an industry where a good reputation is a rarity.

If we think it will work, we will tell you; if we think it will fail, we will tell you and guide you to the best alternate solution.