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The Internet is a big, busy place, and your business should have a presence that gets noticed. Co-registration allows marketers to strategically seek new customers on an opt-in basis by placing ads on a network of desirable websites. Through Zeppo Marketing’s Network Partners, our clients can reach multiple website publishers from a single point of contact. Our approach is transparent so that you know exactly where and when your ads are running and can optimize campaigns by publisher. Best of all, co-registration is cost-per-lead advertising, meaning you only pay for the contact information of people that have signed up for your product or service—and not for wasted clicks or impressions.


  • Generate new opt-in leads via Zeppo Marketing Network Partners

  • Cultivate online relationships with your new leads and convert them into customers

  • Grow your database, increase incremental revenue, and counteract churn created by old leads/customers

  • Build your brand through increased visibility

  • Marketing leads are unique to your brand and never resold

Once we get to know you, your business, and your goals, we’ll zero in on the most effective lead generation networks to get your offers noticed online. Depending on your vertical, some networks could be cost-prohibitive and others might just be a waste of time. As with every new initiative, we’ll recommend an initial pilot tested across multiple networks to minimize your risk. Clients might pay more for the lead versus the cost per impression from a display, but you own that lead for as many campaigns as you like. We have extensive experience with this process and have found that the cost of leads is easily outweighed by their quality.

How Co-registration Works

  1. While registering on a website, consumers are presented with offers from third party advertisers.

  2. They may select offers of interest and fill out one or more forms, providing personal information and giving consent to share the information with the advertiser or third parties.

  3. The consumer then receives offers or services from advertisers (such as a free quote, newsletter or coupon).

Publishers generally offer two kinds of online lead generation to advertisers: Simple offers in which the consumer may sign up without entering additional information, and custom offers in which the consumer is required to enter additional information in order to receive the benefit. Information provided by consumers may be as simple as first name, last name and email address. Additional contact information such as physical address and phone number, or demographic information such as household income and other pertinent information for the offer (such as average monthly mortgage payment) may also be collected.

Coreg Process Overview

  1. Offer page served to subscriber.

  2. Subscriber clicks on client offer (radio button, banner, text box, etc. accompanying the co-registration copy).

  3. Subscriber has now initiated a business relationship with the client by opting in when they clicked on the offer.

  4. Subscriber receives an automatic response ensuring their interest in the advertiser and also as a quality control measure to verify that their email address is deliverable. The automatic email also welcomes the recipient and thanks him or her for signing up. Undeliverable emails are purged from the system and not provider to the advertiser as leads.

Rejecting leads is recommended when running a co-reg program. If the lead is undeliverable when contacted, it can be returned for replacement. If leads match records already in the client’s database, they can also be returned. This process must be managed in a timely manner for correct measurement of success. Nobody knows more than Zeppo Marketing about taking advantage of this marketing channel—and doing it right. We’ll help you track your campaign to a level of success that just might surprise you.